Monday, September 21, 2009

Voters Registration in Call Centers

Election fever is starting to hit the news again. I know that it is a big thing for a lot of politicians and their supporters.

But what about for the call center agents? I don't know yet. Because frankly, a lot of call center agents that I spoke with told me that they were not even sure if they can register within the given duration for this activity because of shifting schedule.

That is why it will be just as wise for these public officials to think about bringing in their mobile voting registration booths in call centers while they still have some time to do it. They should also look into the number of call center voters within BPO industry. This is not to assert that we need such special treatment.

Another Holiday for Me

I am so happy today because this is another day for me to rest because of the Muslim Holiday. If I remember it right, today is Eid Il Fitr (please correct me if I'm wrong), the end of Ramadan for our fellow Muslim brothers.

Well, what's in it for me now that I have a free day? Now, I can finally do a lot of things:

  • Fix my room
  • Organize my stamp collection
  • Dispose my old stuff in the cabinet
  • Give some of my old clothes to my younger sister
  • Go online and blog (my favorite task of all)

I have to finish all of these things quick because tomorrow will be another day for me. Another productive day of work in the call center. :)