Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank God It's Friday!

Another Friday night again for me! This means that I will spend another weekend free of worries.

What will I do then on weekends? I don't know yet, maybe I will have to update this blog or just go online and surf my favorite sites.

Maybe I will take my dog for a walk. Haven't spent much time with him, he might do a trick or two just to get my attention tomorrow. We'll see. :)

But one thing is for sure, I will make it a productive weekend for me, at least try to come up with something productive and exciting thing to do.

How about you? What do you usually do on weekends?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Customer Moods

We all have moods. Customers included. We all vary in our traits, outlooks, and opinions. As salespeople we must recognize the changing moods of the customers we call on and adapt to a particular mood at a particular time.

Moods can change a person's outlook from time to time. Let's take an example of what happened to me.
I was calling on a man who I always thought was an even tempered individual, but when I called on him this time he was short, curt and down right hostile. Very out of character for him. So much so that I considered never calling on him again, or at the very least calling on him much less frequently. Before I did anything drastic I paused a moment and reflected. Perhaps he was in a bad mood, nervous about something, tired, or had some family problems. Okay, so I wasn't welcomed cordially, he was down right nasty. What should you do? I still wanted his business but not at the price of being abused.

Nursing Graduates: Banned in Call Centers?

I know some Nursing graduates who are waiting for work and would want to still be productive even if they are still here in the Philippines.

Surprisingly, according to my friends, some of these Nursing graduates flock in the call centers because of two things: higher compensation and soft skills training.

But I also got a word from one of them whose application was rejected in a call center just yesterday. When I asked her about it, she just mentioned the issue of 'length of stay' as the feedback of her interviewer.

Maybe the interviewer sensed that she will only stay in the company for a number of months until such time that her job application abroad will be completed.

I feel for my friend yet I also feel for the company she applied for. Of course, when you hire someone, you will 'invest' on her through training so you would like the employee to stay as much as possible.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Customer Service - The Importance of Quality Service

A business' main purpose is to create a customer because it is basically the consumer who essentially determines what a business is. Although it is significant to provide time and effort on how you are going to improve your products and services, it is still the customers who establish the future success of a business. Therefore, consumer service enhancement is very important if you would want your business to prosper.

Customer service is a key factor in achieving business success. It can either make or break your business. This is for the reason that the entire business plan, marketing strategies, sales and profits will solely depend on its impact on the customers. Essentially, you are in business to generate revenue through selling your products to people who are in need of these services. These people want to discern if your products will be able to make their lives much easier.

To be able to gain income for your business, it follows that you must carefully design and satisfy the needs of your consumers. This is the foundations of an emerging and profitable business. Every decision you make must take into consideration how it affects the customers. You should always give importance on service circumstances affecting your customers.

Strategies in marketing and sales will greatly help in attracting new customers for your business but it is amazing consumer service that keeps people coming back for more. This is indeed a fact because people typically would want to do business with people that they trust and had a good experience with. Consequently, as an entrepreneur you have to ensure that your customers will continue to buy from you by offering them great quality consumer service.

It has been proven in surveys that most customers do not come back to certain business establishment because of the indifferent attitudes towards them by business owners, managers and employees regardless if they like the products or services these businesses offer. Most of the time, these dissatisfied customers will just simply walk away and never come back thus decreasing potential revenue without your knowledge. It is therefore true to say that many businesses cannot succeed for a long time without giving importance to customer service.

This crucial factor has somewhat leveled the opportunities for both large and small businesses. This provides each business to offer consumers quality service in which they can be known for. In this way, they are able to differentiate themselves from the competition.

There is a continuing change in customer demands in recent years so it is your job as a provider to offer a satisfaction program for your customers. This program will help you gain additional customers and retain them for a very long time.

Every business management must recognize the reality that consumer service is imperative in the success of their business. This will ensure your customer's loyalty and commitment to your business. Your ability to focus on your consumer's need rather than your own and servicing them to the best of your ability will ensure that your business will be far more cost-effective than you have ever dreamed of.

Heavy Traffic Really Messes One's Day

I really hate it when I have to go home and beat the heavy traffic here in the Metro. I am used to have a shift that works to my advantage, meaning in terms of commuting.

I usually spend just 30 or 40 minutes on the road during those hours, commuting seems like a breeze and I do not even have the chance to take a short nap because at any minute I will see the tall buildings again here in Makati, that signals the start of a new shift.

Can you imagine that I stayed on the road for almost 2 hours before I said 'Home Sweet Home' tonight? You really have to see me, as I took a nap, checked out my phone's clock only to realize that I should take a nap again. Whew! :(

Blogger Templates Galore

I know I should talk about call center life here. But before I do, I have to be inspired first with the template that I will be using for this blog.

And that is the reason that I only type this initial post now. I was so engrossed checking out a lot of blogger themes only to find out that the ones I like gave me an error message when I tried to load the XML files :(

So finally after two hours of downloading and uploading all these free blogspot themes for this blog, I finally came up with a simple one.

Do you like this theme? Tell me what you think.