Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why You Should Decide On Natural And Organic Food

Have you been troubled that the foods you're consuming may be damaging to you and your family? With news stories about GM (genetically modified) food items, health scares about eating beef, chemical substances on food impacting people's health and the intelligence of children, it's no wonder that many wish to natural and organic ingredients as an option.
WHAT IS Organic and natural FARMING?

Natural and organic farming creates plant and animal food without the excessive use of chemicals. It focuses on using fertile soil plus a variety of crops to keep healthy growing conditions which produce a food with more vitamins and minerals and less chemical substances than usual commercial ingredients. Natural and organic farming prohibits the growing of GM food, a debatable problem among commercial growers.

Animals reared on organic and natural farms are handled appropriately with room to behave like animals and so are fed healthy food sources not packed with medicines and other chemical substances.

Do you know the BENEFITS OF Organic Food items?

One of the typical advantages proclaimed about natural and organic food is the fact they taste better - but there are numerous other benefits to adding natural and organic food items into your diet plan. Besides the physical advantages to you there are environmental advantages and advantages to the animals and individuals that stay and work on the farms. Actually, the only genuine drawback of organic and natural foods is that they do cost a bit more, yet if your serious regarding making the transition you can simply offset the expenditure by being more resourcesful and also using kroger grocery coupons.

HEALTH Advantages

Organic ingredients keep people from consuming regular quantities of bug sprays and insecticides commonly present in commercial products. Animals are certainly not regularly given anti-biotics and other medication that enters the food source to humans. Some investigation suggests that this excessive use of chemicals in food might be linked to elevated medical problems and disturbs the healthy growth and development of children.


Organic and natural food also safeguards the earth. Natural and organic farming ensures that bio-diversity continues to be available in the foods we eat and the creatures that live on the farms. Vegetables and fruit are naturally available in dozens and dozens of varieties. Commercial growing limits the variety of each food available by mass making only a few. Numerous types of birds, insects as well as other animals are affected by the chemicals and farming conditions used in growing commercial foods.

Organic farms raise a mixture of plants and promote a well-balanced ecosystem which includes insects that guard crops from unwanted pests and worms and other micro-organisms which fertilize the soil.

Both owner and pet Benefits

Organic and natural farming is recognized as 'sustainable' farming. The workers and the animals aren't as confronted with dangerous poisons or working and living conditions. This enables individuals to continue growing healthy food items for the rest of society without reliance on massive equipment and chemicals.

The animals brought up on organic and natural farms are not subject to the horrible living conditions imposed on commercially reared animals who usually reside in very little areas with no flexibility to move or interact. These kinds of unhealthy conditions create a spreading of sickness which is combated with regular dosages of antibiotics.

On organic farms the animals' requirements receive priority. Healthy food, clean dwelling conditions along with freedom to conduct themselves like animals suggests better animals. When animals are sick they are looked after individually in accordance with their actual needs.

Organic, sustainable farming shields humans, animals as well as the environment. Increasing the demand for natural and organic goods will encourage this kind of farming and guarantee that the food supply available to our little ones is a wholesome one.

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